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Burnishine Plate SAV-UR Plate Cleaner, Pint

Removes scratches instantly. Removes scum, gum streaks & oxidation. Desensitizes plates for high-quality run. Makes plates accept ink better. Excellent restarter of standing plates. Nonflammable/Biodegradable .

Plate Sav-Ur Data Sheet

Burnishine Plate Cleaner Compatibility Chart

Our Price: $9.79
Varn Complete Plate Cleaner, Quart

The Full Service Plate Cleaner!

Our Price: $10.61
PRO-9 Plate Cleaner, Quart

PRO 9 quickly removes dirt, oxidation, smudges, and light scratches without damaging the plate. PRO 9 does not leave a silicate residue (as other products may) that often creates blinding of the plate. This is primarily because PRO 9 does NOT contain PUMICE or GLASS WAX. PRO 9 is non abrasive so that it will NOT scratch the plate surface or damage screens or half tones. PRO 9 will remove gum and oxidation.

Pro 9 Data Sheet

Our Price: $10.71
Agfa Antura CTP Plate Cleaner, Liter

ANTURA CtP Plate Cleaner is developed according to the latest AGFA technologies and guaranteed to work with all AGFA CtP Plates. It has been developed alongside the plate to underline the complete CtP system strategy.  This revolutionary new product (patent pending) removes efficiently ink, desensitises non-image areas and improves the ink receptivity of the non-image area. ANTURA CtP Plate Cleaner will provide protection during short press stops.

Antura Technical Data

Our Price: $12.60
Tower Plate Cleaner and Preserver, Quart

Plate Cleaner & Preserver is an outstanding plate cleaner that also desensitizes and provides a short term gum preservative for CTP plates. The product will not damage the image of a CTP Plate as it is an acid emulsion cleaning product. Along with cleaners and gum, the product provides excellent lubrication for the plate to help with fast roll ups on press. Plate Cleaner & Preserver is an excellent choice for short term storage of plates for re-use.

Product Data Sheet

Our Price: $13.33
Primo FPC Plate Cleaner & Preserver

For use on
all aluminum plates including conventional and CtP. Its white milky
emulsion cleans beatifully which results in a crisp, clean reconditioned
background while not attacking the image area.

Our Price: $13.47
Allied CTP-C Plate Cleaner, Quart

A plate cleaner/desensitizer/scratch remover able to perform well on a wide variety of unbaked and baked plates without causing image degradation.

Contains a blend of desensitizers, wetting agents and non image film formers, all to ensure removal of scratches and scumming/toning, while raising the water receptivity of the plate background.

CTP-C Data Sheet

Our Price: $13.89
Agfa (Enco) FPC Finisher/Preserver/Cleaner, Liter

Discontinued - Suggested Replacement PRIMO FPC - Click Here

Our Price: $16.11
Gold Miracle Plate Cleaner, Quart

Starter, Cleaner, Conditioner & Scratch Remover for Silver Based Plates and Laser Polyester Plates.

Our Price: $16.94
Varn Pearldry Plate Cleaner

PearlDry Approved for Presstek Digital Waterless Plates - Varn International has worked closely with Presstek to formulate this product for superior performance on their direct imaging (DI) presses, and with all off-press CTP devices imaging Presstek PEARLdry plate material. It is specially designed to remove all residues which may remain from the imaging process. Use PEARLdry Plate Cleaner to insure clean, quick start-up. Use during the press run as required.

PearlDry Data Sheet

Our Price: $17.49
Plate Care Preserver Finisher, 32 Oz. For Epson CTP

3600 Plate Care is a one-step cleaner and preserver for any metal lithographic plate, including CTP, Thermal and Violet plates!

Our Price: $19.37
True Blue Plate Cleaner, Quart

True Blue The Original Blue Plate Cleaner - Quickly and completely opens all types of metal offset plates, even after long periods of storage. Use True Blue to remove surface scratches, oxidation spots, semi-dried ink and gum streaks which reduce print quality. True Blue restores the ink receptive surface. Just apply and rinse. Clean plates on the fly on web offset presses to minimize downtime, extend plate life and increase the impressions per plate.

True Blue Data Sheet

Our Price: $19.44
Allied Dynamight Plate Cleaner, Quart

Dynamight has been chemical resistance tested with most known major CtP plates, showing no image degradation. Cleans plates, removes sensitive areas and is used for plate storage. It leaves a water receptive film on the non-image area ensuring fast start-up each time it is used.

Dynamight Data Sheet

Our Price: $21.23
Allied PC-93 Scratch Remover & Plate Cleaner, Quart

Containing a small amount of tiny sperical abrasives, PC 93 is a heavy-duty scratch remover and plate cleaner. It is an acid based emulsion. Lifts and removes ink from the plate quickly while desensitizing and wetting the plate background.

PC 93 Data Sheet

Our Price: $21.39
Allied Plate Fix, Quart

Acid-Based Plate Cleaner for CTP Technology

Our Price: $24.21